5 Ways Your Clitoris Affects Your Orgasm, Because Size and Shape Can Matter - engorged clitoris pictures


Clitoral Erections Are REAL — And Here's How To Have One | Susan Bratton | YourTango engorged clitoris pictures

lieving there were two kinds of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal. The vaginal orgasm . swell, and the bulbs of clitoris engorge, causing the vagina to open. The body .

"The clitoris has erectile tissue just like the penis, but instead of being out in the open for everyone to see, the clitoral engorgement happens.

But paying attention to your clitoris can have more benefits than just . But actually, it makes sense: Clitorises get engorged with blood when.

While to compare its ability to get erect to that of a penis' erection isn't quite right, when the clit gets engorged with blood it hardens right up.