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Cop: Detective gawked at Whitney Houston's naked corpse - CNN houston naked whitney

A Beverly Hills cop who responded to the scene of Whitney Houston’s death allegedly peeked under a sheet covering her naked body and said “Damn, she’ still looking good, huh?” Brian Weir alleges that on the day of Houston’s death in February 2012, Det. The Los Angeles County.

A Beverly Hills police officer has formally alleged that one of his colleagues interacted inappropriately with the nude corpse of Whitney Houston following her accidental 2012 death. According to CNN, Brian Weir claims he faced demotions and other reprisals after reporting to his.

A police officer removed a sheet covering Whitney Houston's naked corpse and remarked, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?" Terry Nutall at the death scene on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. No formal complaint was ever filed with the police department by Weir or.

A Beverly Hills police sergeant claims he was demoted after reporting that a fellow officer made inappropriate remarks at the crime scene.