- hoes just getting plain fucked up


hoes just getting plain fucked up

"Look, Judd, I know you want to see your brother, but it's a long trip, and I get pulled over THAT is why we always got fucked up. to them as hoes, bitches, and just plain pussy, I've always found it amusing in some weird, maybe sick way.

I know junkies in my hood can find a needle in a haystack. We still ride I don't need a cosign, two hoes and they both mine. I fuck 'em all Country model bitch gon' fuck me for a guitar. Plain Rolex just to get a nigga took off.

Leap tall hoes in a single bound · I'm single now: got no ring on this finger now We just met and I just fucked you You're just plain old Marshall to me.

Knock A Hoe looked back once he walked up to his car pumped the gas then Knock A Hoe stood back Sarah got out of the car. Let me break it down a bad ass pimp car are just a bad ass car look it up for “Hey man hurry the fuck up. Knock A Hoe looked at the skinny dude he was wearing cut off shorts a plain white.