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Asses definition, plural of ass1. See more. All of your aches, pains, and emotional baggage just vanish after a kick-ass workout. Definition for asses (2 of 6).

asses definition: The definition of asses is the plural of the word ass, which is another name for the donkey, or a mammal, a relative of the horse, and (noun) An example of some well-known asses are Eeyore from Winnie t Plural of as2 .

What does ass mean? ass is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Main definitions of ass in English.: assass 2British informal A foolish or stupid person.

Define asses. asses synonyms, asses pronunciation, asses translation, English ass·es 3. (ăs′ĭz). n. Vulgar Slang. Plural of ass2. American Heritage®.