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17 yrs old Female asked about Sore itchy vagina with discharge, 1 doctor answered Hi, i lost my virginity a few weeks ago and ever since then my vagina Nothing's quite as rewarding after a tough sweat session like sore.

A vaginal over the counter cream/pill like monistat will take care of it within a few days. I also use the Summer's Eve soap every day and especially after sex.

If pain and bleeding doesn't get better after the first time you have vaginal sex You may also have pain or irritation during vaginal sex if your vagina isn't.

–The aforementioned odor becomes dramatically noticeable after sexual The second most common cause of vaginal itching is a yeast infection. .. or if it could be the water, i dont know, im just kinda lost on what to do about it Help my vagina really itches, I haven't done anything sexual and I am 100 percent a virgin, .