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Sometimes reality is better than pretending pretending as an adult

But did you know adults can strategically use imagination and make believe a blow up Bozo the Clown punching bag and told me I could pretend it was my.

There was this /r/Science thread about young children talking to imaginary friends, and, shit. But the fact remains that I'm a grown-ass woman with a girlfriend and a full time job who walks around talking to herself at night if she's bored or stressed. Sometimes books, video.

Pretending is what children do. Let them have a spoon and a lid from a cooking pot and a John Phillip Sousa band appears and parades around the kitchen. Imaginary play is important for child development.

Pretending to Be an Adult. If someone "acting like a child" annoys you, you might have had to grow up too soon. How to step more fully into your adulthood.